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  • NCE Packets for October Exam Due to Dr. Dooley on June 5
    Any students wishing to take the NCE on October 18, 2014 must pick up an application packet from the Counseling and Educational Psychology Department main office, fill out all required information, and return it to Dr. Dooley along with a money order no later than Thursday, June 5th at noon.
  • Student Affairs Seminar Offers Insights into Southern Higher Education
    In Maymester, Dr. Heiselt and Dr. Molina engaged twelve students from the Student Affairs program at Mississippi State University and six additional students from the University of West Georgia in a seminar and service-learning project exploring the contributions of Southern college and universities to higher education. A truly hands-on learning experience, the group visited six institutions in five days collecting data on institutional history, structure, culture, and priorities. Students' final projects, digital narratives, addressed how Southern institutions simultaneously offer perspective on rich histories and forward-looking practices. The digital narratives were shared with the Southern Association of College Student Affairs. Guests are invited to follow their journey through pictures and reflections via the class Tumblr blog, StudentAffairsExplorers.
  • Dr. Molina presents on Emergency Recovery at ACPA's Annual Convention
    Elaborating on an emergent research project involving faculty colleagues, Dr. April Heiselt and Dr. Cheryl Justice, Dr. Danielle K. Molina presented a session at ACPA: College student Educator's International's 2014 Annual Convention entitled, 'Return, Reinvent, or Remember?: Healing Campus Communities through Decision-Making Related to the Sacred Spaces Where Tragedies Have Occurred.'
  • Dr. Justice, Laura Hankins, and Blair Cullum present at the 33rd Woodall Spring Conference
    Laura Hankins and Blair Cullum, master’s students in the School Counseling Program along with Dr. Justice traveled to Delta State to present at the 33rd Woodall Spring Conference on April 9th. The presentation “Children, Schools, and the DSM-5: A School Counseling Perspective” was well attended. The focus of the session was to address the changes in the DSM-5 in regards to its role in school counseling practice. In addition, specific examples of how to use the DSM-5 in the field were presented.
  • Student Affairs Faculty and Graduate Students Present at Annual NASPA Conference
    Student affairs faculty and students represented Mississippi State University in Baltimore, MD this past March at the National Association for Student Personnel Administrator's (NASPA)annual convention. Dr. Danielle K. Molina presented a session on the impact of social networking on college student identity development and student, Kate Kalata, partnered with Ken McRae to present on MSU's Green Zone initiative focused on supporting MSU's students who are also military veterans.

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